Krubkrong Press Release

Krubkrong Announces Inventory Management Product Launch Inventory Management for Small Business.


Krubkrong Press Release – Phnom Penh, 14 March 2022: Startup KrubKrong launches their Inventory Management System for Small Business. The company addresses the current gap in technology solutions to increase opportunities for Cambodian SMEs to benefit from greater digitalisation of their business operations. This is a key area identified by the  Royal Government of Cambodia in building a strategy to transition towards Industry 4.0 and to  increase opportunities for Cambodian SMEs.

KrubKrong’s easy-to-use Inventory Management Software for small businesses helps SMEs and Online Retailers to deal with the current challenges of stock management such as loss of stock and revenue due to poor supply chain management; it enables Cambodian entrepreneurs to focus on their business growth while trusting the SAAS solution to handle their stock management and reporting.

The company’s eagerly awaited release provides small and medium-sized businesses with the ability to manage their stock, report on sales and be notified when stock requires re-ordering. The real-time system also works on their smartphone so they can check sales and stock levels wherever they may be.

“.. and this is just the start”, says co-founder and CMO Pisey Sary. “We have plans to add features for both the local Cambodian market and International clients.”

“We’ve designed the technology to adapt to the needs of growing retailers and online sellers”, remarks co-founder and CTO, Lihour Chhen. “Spreadsheets just don’t work when retailers need to manage the growth in sales.”


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