Krubkrong reduces the complexity of business operations
Increase the efficiency of your business in terms of sales, management and expansion.
Use For

Run more successful business with KrubKrong

Enhance operation

Our system will help you to save time, manage stocks, customers to make sure that all the products are always available for your customers needs.

Sale channels

With KrubKrong you can establish new sale channels for your shop including E-commerce's Website and Telegram sale bot.

Grow your customers

With faster efficiency managing your products, you will be able to fullfill more customer orders.

We are ready to help you

We have all the features that you needs to support both of the operational side and your e-commerce side

Vision and Mission
Our system has a vision and mission to facilitate business owners in reducing the complexity of management, making it easier to present their products to target customers and reduce the cost of starting a digital business
Special Features
Control your operational side of your Shop with Krubkrong
By leveraging Krubkrong's operational features or tools you can streamline your shop's operations, save time, improve efficiency, data accuracy and gain valuable insights to drive your business forward.
Deploy your product into ecommerce to your client just a few click
Building a website or e-commerce's website to your audience are not difficult anymore. By using Krubkrong you can get it by just a few simple clicks from your existing Krubkrong's operation without worry on any extra cost like domain or hosting.
Krubkrong enhances convenience with ready payment gateway via KHQR
With Krubkrong you will get the benefits of ready accessing to payment gateway very easy to both your POS and your E-commerce's website just a few simple clicks
Download Now
Download Krubkrong POS app now to experience the convenience of managing your store that work on any IOS or Android.
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Our Customers
Get a pricing for approve your business to make easier in action.

$120 / 6 months

Equivalent 2500 riel per day

Recommend for someone who just start business or brand such as online seller, small coffee shop, small retailer

Access to essential feature including inventory, sale and e-commerce

Special Offer

$200 / 1 year

Equivalent 2100 riel per day

Recommend for business owner who would like to improve their business operation and extend sale channels

Access all features without limitation

Pay for 1 full year and get 2 months free


Business inquiry

Recommend for enterprise business owner and business franchise who would like to customize what they needs

Customize features

Customize E-commerce

Customize Mobile App